Brand You HR Executive

Human resources executives manage the administrative tasks that involve employee compensation, benefits, education and motivation. They may work by themselves in small offices or supervise an HR staff in large companies.

  • Managing of Recruitment & HR Activities
  • Handling of client co-ordination
  • Front Office Activities
  • HouseKeeping
  • Employee Documentation
  • Documentation as per requirements for the post of HR and duties of HR
  • Managing entire staff
  • Team leadership
  • Will take charge of all employees in the organisation and will ensure that their work is performed on time
  • Will make sure staff come on time, and will become the bridge between all employees and the management
  • Ensure activities with and integrate with organisational requirement for quality management, health and safety, legal requirement, environmental policies and general duty of care.

Skills requirements :

  • MBA HR-must know linked in fully to manage client and company pages
  • Understand HR Laws
  • Understand how to manage all HR activities including training
  • Good with mathematics.
  • Well versed with investment and financial terminologies.
  • Knows excel thoroughly.
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills
  • Should be able to do two hand typing.
  • Candidate should be able to speak English, Gujarati and Hindi.
  • Communication, HR, Ability to understand both technology and business
  • Candidate should have his or her own vehicle.
  • Ability to architect and drive change
  • Able to work long hours as this will be a managerial and supervisory role
Experience : Fresher
Job Type : Full-time

Email :