5 things to keep in mind for an interview

Interview is simply one-on-one formal conversation between a candidate and interviewer to know about candidate’s views, behavior, capabilities, other special talents and also to test the knowledge of a candidate. So the things to keep in mind are as follows : 

  • Self-Confidence : Self-confidence is a must quality which interviewer looks in the candidate. Self-confidence is a quality which is not only important for interview but also in day-to-day life. We should always have sense of self-confidence which will always attract people. Having confidence in oneself will make life happy and stress free which is important for mental health. 
  • Good communication skills : People with friendly nature are always welcomed and have a good impression on the interviewer. Speaking your mind out is a good habit and it gives brief idea about your nature, thoughts ,thinking , attitude etc. It makes the interviewer’s work lil easy to know about yourself. 
  • Decent-dressing : You should be well-dressed as clothes are important because it is the first thing the interviewer notices. If you are not decently dressed, the interviewer will loose interest from you and it will be difficult to impress him/her. 
  • Good listening skill : You should always have good listening skill. People who listen are always appreciated and during an interview you should listen carefully to the interviewer like what he/she is expecting from the candidate or what are the requirements. If you speak in between while the interviewer is talking then it will leave a bad impression on him/her. Because speaking in between when someone else is talking is a bad manners, you should have some etiquettes. 
  • Be prepared : You should be well prepared and aware of your field and have a latest knowledge or should know the main concepts about your field. Because interviewer will surely test your knowledge about your field. You should be confident and should not get anxious when you are asked about any damn thing. Suppose you don’t know just tell the truth that you are not aware and pass a smile. Don’t ever bluff in an interview. Because once you get caught then you will have zero chances to be selected. You should also have brief knowledge about the company like what services or products are provided by the company etc. So these are the basic things to keep in mind.