Interviewing A Talker Stalker

Interviewing someone who just keeps on talking and won't let you ask your questions is always a nuisance. When you need to hire the right person you need a chance to ask questions. When a candidate keeps talking and won't let you speak - you know there is a problem. We call these people Talkers (like stalkers) and you don't need them! Talker Stalkers come to an interview with lots of stuff to say but lack the sense of understanding the interview process. They feel that by talking and expressing everything on their mind they have a higher chance of getting in than people who talk less. These are people you really don't want to have an interview with as they will go on and on, talking about things that eventually don't matter and at times make sense. They want you to ask less questions so they steer you off track. Avoid such candidates totally! That's why you use Job Portal - to get candidates that are not Talker Stalkers !

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Credits: Thanks to SAL Institute in Ahmedabad

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