A Successful Interview

What takes a successful interview ? We know it's difficult. You need to go prepared. You need to carry yourself. You need to be ready. You need to think and answer smartly. You need to go with confidence. You need to have JobPortal on your side. Almost every candidate that goes through the complete JobPortal experience has landed a job in the first or second attempt itself. That's why you need to use the experts, otherwise you could be job less and confidence less very soon! Get the right job and succeed with www.JobPortal.Me

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Job Portal - The Film

Take a journey as we show you how life of a young candidate is for her interview and how she experiences it first hand. This will make you remember your first interview and how guides her to success!

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Trip & Fall

Sometimes you are so nervous or clumsy that you trip and fall over something and out of the embarrassment you keep fumbling. Does that happen to you ? It sure might. Take advice from the experts and learn how to make sure that accident never happens to you.

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Is That You

Time and time again we meet candidates and employers or interviewers who end up having the worst of days due to certain things that often repeat in interviews. This is a great expression of what those moments are like and how you don't want this to happen. We are sure that you have encountered this before at some point of time in your career. If you are just about to start your job hunt, well now you know what you need to avoid and how to do that!

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A Bad Hair Day

What you wear, what you do and how you look are all important when you go for an interview. Its important that you know what your body language says and sometimes its your hands and your hair that is doing the talking. Don't spoil your chances getting job by doing something that everyone notices, more than they notice you! Get great advice from the experts!

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Make Things Simple

Most of the time you go without preparation for interviews. You have applied through phone calls but have no idea what the company does or have not studied enough so you have to pull out those huge text books just for the interview. Sometimes you are struggling from the get go and walk out rejected, angry and depressed. All of those are common problems so how about solving them once and for all through a free subscription of JobPortal.Me !


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We Care When No One Else Does

JobPortal.Me is not like any other consultancy or portal out there - not only do we care about your interview and job, but we try as much as we can to help you succeed by offering mock interviews for free too! When no one else cares about your success - JobPortal proves something no one else does - we are Proud to be Indian! Isn't that what being Indian is all about ?


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Job Portal Animated Video

Why should you use Job Portal - Saves time, energy and gets you the right candidate for the job.

Also if you are a candidate - it can help get you the right company and your dream job!

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First Impressions are the Last - Job Interview

Your job interview is important. It's like your mom always said - first impression is the last impression. Are you dressed properly, or ready with the answers or prepared for the test -- it all comes down to the first impression. Are you prepared to be hired or be fired even before you are hired ? Remember - this is your biggest moment. Don't let it slip away. It could cost you your dream opportunity or job!

That's why people signup on to get tips, advice and information through its always up to date Blogs - making sure you never lose your big chance!

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Interviewing A Talker Stalker

Interviewing someone who just keeps on talking and won't let you ask your questions is always a nuisance. When you need to hire the right person you need a chance to ask questions. When a candidate keeps talking and won't let you speak - you know there is a problem. We call these people Talkers (like stalkers) and you don't need them! Talker Stalkers come to an interview with lots of stuff to say but lack the sense of understanding the interview process. They feel that by talking and expressing everything on their mind they have a higher chance of getting in than people who talk less. These are people you really don't want to have an interview with as they will go on and on, talking about things that eventually don't matter and at times make sense. They want you to ask less questions so they steer you off track. Avoid such candidates totally! That's why you use Job Portal - to get candidates that are not Talker Stalkers !

Like, Share & Vote - Best three JobPortal videos will go on TV, and the best from that will be shown in a theater or cinema near you! 

Credits: Thanks to SAL Institute in Ahmedabad

An Initiative by Brand You Digital Services

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5 things to keep in mind for an interview

Interview is simply one-on-one formal conversation between a candidate and interviewer to know about candidate’s views, behavior, capabilities, other special talents and also to test the knowledge of a candidate. So the things to keep in mind are as follows : 

  • Self-Confidence : Self-confidence is a must quality which interviewer looks in the candidate. Self-confidence is a quality which is not only important for interview but also in day-to-day life. We should always have sense of self-confidence which will always attract people. Having confidence in oneself will make life happy and stress free which is important for mental health. 
  • Good communication skills : People with friendly nature are always welcomed and have a good impression on the interviewer. Speaking your mind out is a good habit and it gives brief idea about your nature, thoughts ,thinking , attitude etc. It makes the interviewer’s work lil easy to know about yourself. 
  • Decent-dressing : You should be well-dressed as clothes are important because it is the first thing the interviewer notices. If you are not decently dressed, the interviewer will loose interest from you and it will be difficult to impress him/her. 
  • Good listening skill : You should always have good listening skill. People who listen are always appreciated and during an interview you should listen carefully to the interviewer like what he/she is expecting from the candidate or what are the requirements. If you speak in between while the interviewer is talking then it will leave a bad impression on him/her. Because speaking in between when someone else is talking is a bad manners, you should have some etiquettes. 
  • Be prepared : You should be well prepared and aware of your field and have a latest knowledge or should know the main concepts about your field. Because interviewer will surely test your knowledge about your field. You should be confident and should not get anxious when you are asked about any damn thing. Suppose you don’t know just tell the truth that you are not aware and pass a smile. Don’t ever bluff in an interview. Because once you get caught then you will have zero chances to be selected. You should also have brief knowledge about the company like what services or products are provided by the company etc. So these are the basic things to keep in mind.


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The Future Of Job Portal Me

Future Features:

  • Recruiter can come up with their own type of test:

       Recruiter can add their own aptitude test according to their requirements. Different job postings will have different kind of questions in the tests which recruiter can add through the portal so that employing an employee becomes easy. With the help of test, recruiter will have an idea of the candidate’s intelligence quotient. This will be of great help to the recruiter.

  • Candidates can apply for job in different companies at the same time:

        Candidates can try out many companies whichever suits them. They can apply for multiple job post at different companies at the same time. And at the end, they will have the power to choose between companies. This will broaden the chances of employment.

  • Candidates can search jobs according to their preferred city:
  • They can apply for jobs located at different cities, and can get along with any company which hires them. So this also increases the chances of employment.
  • Saves time of both the parties i.e Recruiter and Employer:

     With the help of this portal, we can get rid of the traditional way of job hunt. As candidates and recruiters are just a click away from you !

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The Job Portal Story

We came up with an amazing job portal where candidates can apply for the jobs and even employer can post their requirements.
In this portal, candidates can register, find suitable jobs and on the other side employer can hire the candidate as per his/her requirements. Both the candidate and employer will have their own accounts in which candidate can find job postings posted by the employers of different companies and the employer can  find the resumes of the applicant who applied for the specific post in  their company. If the employer is interested they can send an email or sms to the applicant through the  portal,  calling them for their personal interview.

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Job Portal Features

Features for Candidates:

  • Candidates can search for a job according to their preferred city.
  • Candidates can send their resumes to the companies which are located in their preferred cities.
  • Candidates can fill the bio data form which is designed for them in the portal. And can send attachment of the resume too.
  • If employer is interested to hire, candidate can get an email or a sms from him/her calling for the personal interview.

Features for Employers:

  • Employers can find job applications or resumes from the applicants.
  • Employers can specify the requirements of the company and salary for the job in the form which is designed for them in the portal.
  • If employer wants to contact the applicant for the interview, he can send an email or sms to him through the portal.

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